JK Storage provides temporary and permanent storage solutions for personal and business use. Best price in town by size.

Built of solid concrete block in a sulphur free area, our 60 units which range from 13 square metres to 71 square metres, cater for individuals, tradespeople, commercial storage, warehousing, importers/exporters, cars & furniture and more.

With our unique setup, flexibility and excellent rates, tradespeople & businesses are making good use of our storage solutions.

  • Storage Solutions

    Need Extra Room? Our storage units are great for your boats, jet skis, vintage cars, racing bikes, big boys toys, tradesmen tools, camping gear, sports gear, kayaks, trailers, extra vehicles... the list goes on. Also an excellent solution for hobby workshops, restoration activities and weekend mechanics. If you're selling your house then de-clutter your house by putting some things in short term storage.

    View sizes, prices and availability here.


  • Tradespersons

    Finding business premises that provide all of the above features as well as affordable is not always easy.

    Surviving through an unstable economy, businesses in many industries are having to adapt and diversify in order to stay ahead of the game.

    Fortunately for small businesses, particularly tradespeople, JK Storage are now offering units and workspaces on flexible terms and with affordable rates.


  • Storage Tips

    Try out these Top Tips! - These excellent tips will help you to get the most out of your storage solution.

    Before you start: Prepare everything you may need: boxes, tape, packing materials, markers, protective covers etc.

    Plan ahead: One great advantages of our storage solutions is you can continue to access your items while in storage. Store your largest items and anything you definitely won't need at the back and anything you frequently may want access to the front.


  • FAQ

    Q: I have a 24 hour, "at call" business, can I get access outside the automatic gate times?

    A: Talk to John or Kay, arrangements can be made in certain circumstances.

    Q: What can I store in the storage unit?


  • About Us

    Afforable, Flexible, Secure.

    JK Storage is a Rotorua family owned and operated business.

    Contact us / easy access, 7 days a week. 60 units which range from 13m2 to 71m2. All units are clean, secure and dry. Catering for short or long term storage.


  • Location Map

    We are situated in the industrial area, west of Old Taupo Rd, five minutes from the C.B.D.

    Built of solid concrete block in a sulphur free area.

    152 Riri St, Mangakakahi, Rotorua 3010


  • Contact Us

    Phone, email us or use our contact form to arrange a time to meet on site.

    Call us: 027 333 4171

    Email us: enquiries@jkstorage.co.nz



Contact Us

027 333 4171

152 Riri Street


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Phone: 027 333 4171 Rotorua

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