Storage Tips

Try out these Top Tips! - These excellent tips will help you to get the most out of your storage solution.

Storage Facility Tips

  • Before you start: Prepare everything you may need: boxes, tape, packing materials, markers, protective covers etc.
  • Plan ahead: One great advantages of our storage solutions is you can continue to access your items while in storage. Store your largest items and anything you definitely won't need at the back and anything you frequently may want access to the front.
  • Create a Map: As you move your items into storage, make a simple drawing showing where your items are placed.
  • Easy Access: Create a walkway down the center to make accessing all items easier.
  • Preparation: Prepare your storage space by placing plastic, blankets or pallets to keep items off the floor. If using plastic, it helps to lap it up over the walls a few inches on every side.
  • Protection : Protect your items with covers designed for the item such as plastic, bubble wrap and cloth sheets. Also keep anything that is upholstered off the floor such as mattresses and sofas.
  • Think vertical: Maximise your storage space by stacking to the ceiling, working from heaviest items on the bottom to lightest items on top.
  • Safety First: Use a step stool/ladder to stack and access items in hard to reach places.
  • Good Ventilation: Always leave spaces between your items and also the walls of your storage to provide good ventilation and avoid mildew.
  • Empty items: If you're storing any gas-powered items, vacuum cleaners etc, empty them first to prevent unpleasant odors.

Packing Tips

  • Space Saving: You will save a lot of space if you break down any items where possible. Stack chairs seat-to-seat with towels or blankets between them. Items like refrigerator, dresser drawers make excellent compartments for storing small & fragile items.
  • Label, label, label. Marking every box with its contents and keeping an inventory will save you a lot of time if you ever need to retrieve an item in the future.
  • Keep it Dry: It's important you defrost and dry appliances thoroughly before storing and always wedge the doors open so air can circulate inside them. This will help to avoid water damage, condensation forming and bad odors.
  • Smart Boxing: Box everything that you can and tightly sealed with packing tape to keep dust out. Boxes with sealed flat tops will also make stacking them much easier.
  • Use large boxes for light items, small boxes for heavier items and use packing material to prevent breakages. Avoid sealing anything in plastic as this can trap moisture and lead to mold, mildew and rot.

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